This blog is mostly about my experiences around my electronics projects. This includes both successful projects as well as failures. I intend to document what I have done, why I have made the choices that I have, and any known weaknesses or improvement ideas. I will also write reviews of related items or services. I am also prepared to share practices and techniques that I have found to be useful.

Your comments on the blog are very welcome.

This blog is run by me, Jari Majaniemi. I enjoy learning new skills and recently the field of electronics has brought me pleasure. I have been working in software, electronics and telecommunications business for quite a long time. Some time ago I turned to electronics as a hobby, starting with some simple microcontrollers. I have always loved writing software – be it in C, Java, Ruby or even VBA – even though my professional life has taken me to the management side of things. Combining software with electronics has enabled me to produce things that are concrete and that have a purpose.

I live in Finland and my native language is Finnish. I still decided to blog in English, as the interest in electronics projects is universal.

I have a holiday home, a cabin or a cottage, in the beautiful Finnish countryside on a lake with some kilometres to the nearest neighbors. It is not on the electrical grid and I have a 12V solar panel system to provide electricity for light and electronics. That is a source of inspiration for many of my projects.

I hope that you will find this interesting.


Best regards,Jari Majaniemi

Jari Majaniemi



You can contact me at jari@justaddelectrons.com or via LinkedIn

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